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On this website we supply soft wash cleaning contractors with specialist soft washing chemicals.

It is set up for easy & quick ordering and delivery to Great Britain (England, Scotland & Wales).

Quick tip: Chemical orders for Northern Ireland and all softwash equipment orders must be made via our international website

  • On this website, GB customers can checkout,  pay and get receipts in £GBP.
  • With zero currency conversion and bank charges.

All GB chemical orders are dispatched from our fulfilment partners in England.

Most softwash equipment orders are currently shipped from Ireland.



Our core chemical products are Benz Lighting Cleanze and Benz Bio Cleanze which we and our customers use for our Clean & Maintain softwash systems.


By using these products and adopting our "Clean & Maintain" approach to professional soft washing you can keep your customers' properties permanently clean.


Watch this short (1 minute) video to quickly and easily understand soft washing

What are Benz "Clean & Maintain" Professional Softwash Systems?

The essence of Benz "Clean & Maintain" Professional Softwash Systems is to first sterilise and clean the unwanted organic material – sometimes referred to as biofilm – from exterior surfaces. Lightning Cleanze and/or Tornado Cleanze are used to achieve this as they offer the rapid cleaning results most customers want and expect.

We then protect the surfaces from re-colonisation by treating them with Bio Cleanze – a residual-action biocide – which penetrates deep into the surface, killing any remaining spores, than can other cleaning product. And it continues to be active for up to a year or even more.

Quick tip: How long residual protection lasts, depends on a number of variable factors such as ...

    • The porosity of the surface
    • The strength of the applied product
    • How soon it rains after application
    • How clean the surface was before being treated

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