RUST CLEANZE (1L): The biodegradable non-acid rust treatment that removes rust stains from concrete, render, limestone, sandstone, etc ...

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Rust Cleanze is a biodegradable, non-acid rust treatment that is highly effective for removing rust stains from relatively delicate surfaces such as concrete, limestone and sandstone without significantly whitening the surface.

You'll find it particularly useful for rust stains caused by iron sulphate lawn fertiliser and moss killer, on paths and patios, garden furniture, walls, BBQ's, play equipment, etc.

A case study of Rust Cleanze removing severe rust staining from concrete


The photo above shows concrete slabs heavily contaminated with iron sulphate fertiliser, and in the foreground rust from a whisky barrel's rings.

The purple colouration seen above is normal and shows that Rust Cleanze is working.


You can see the dramatic difference after two applications. The rust rings from the barrel have gone but some light iron sulphate stains persist.


An application of Benz Oxy Cleanze diluted 1:1 with water and given a 10-minute activation time, removed the remaining iron sulphate rust stains. 

Quick tip: It may be necessary to treat the entire area with diluted Oxy Cleanze to avoid creating a colour contrast between treated and untreated concrete.

Coverage rates

The area that Rust Cleanze will cover depends on the porosity of the surface you are treating. The following coverage rates are an approximate guide:

  • Concrete: 1-5m² per litre
  • Natural stone: 1.5-5m² per litre
  • Granite: 8-15m² per litre
  • Block paving: 4-7m² per litre

You can thin Rust Cleanze up to 1:1 with water when using it to remove stains on surfaces only recently contaminated with a weak solution of iron sulphate fertiliser. For most other applications, use neat.

How to apply Rust Cleanze

  1. Pour a sufficient amount of product into a container, e.g. a paint tray.
  2. Apply using a brush, allowing 2-3 minutes for activation before lightly brushing Rust Cleanze into the surface.
  3. Leave to activate for 2-3 minutes before lightly brushing again.
  4. Repeat the brush and activation cycle up to three times.

IMPORTANT: Allow  Rust Cleanze to activate for a maximum of 10 minutes


  1. Rinse the surface with tap water.
  2. You may need to rinse multiple times to allow the product to leach from a porous surface.
  3. Do not allow Rust Cleanze to dry, and prevent drying by lightly spraying with water.

Quick tips

  • Always treat a small test patch in an inconspicuous area before use and clear spills immediately.
  • For very severe staining, you may need to repeat the above process multiple times.
  • Some light discolouration or whitening may occur on some coloured concrete and render.

Purple colouring: Rust Cleanze will turn purple on contact with rust and rust stains. This is normal and will disappear after rinsing. If Rust Cleanze does not turn purple then it's probably not a rust stain and you should use an alternative stain removal product.

If the surface will not be damaged by abrasive scouring pads, or stainless/brass/plastic wire brushes, then a light brushing to remove a heavy crust of rust can be beneficial.

Click here to learn how to choose the best rust treatment product for the particular job you want to tackle (this link will take you to our international .com website)

Effect of Rust Cleanze rinse water run-off on flower beds and lawns

We ran extensive tests on flower beds and lawns, hosing run-off from Rust Cleanze directly into them, and there were no noticeable harmful effects.

How to protect plant life: We pre and post drenched the beds and lawns on some tests. This probably was not necessary, because not drenching prior to rinsing caused no observable harm to the plants in our tests. Some plants however, especially some flowers, are more sensitive to chemicals than others, so we suggest pre and post drenching as being responsible plant care best practice.



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